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What People Are Saying:
“Marc had a significant impact on my life. Marc coached me through a period of ministerial transition, he walked with in prayer and wise counsel. When I was considering pursuing a senior pastorate, I couldn’t think of anyone else to call first. Marc has the heart of a shepherd, the vision of a strategist, and the experience of a godly leader – not to mention he is a great speaker. Anyone considering a leadership or life coach should join Elevate or give him a call.”
“Marc’s ‘Elevate’ course created a safe place that allowed me to explore things about myself I simply wasn’t thrilled with. I wasn’t living up to my full potential and was settling for far less than what I was capable of. This gave my thoughts and heart and desires and dreams a good direction to go, which is something I lacked for far too long. I’ve gained a lot more strength and confidence in being the woman God created me to be. And I am more structured and better able to plan and pursue the dreams I know God has placed in my heart.”
“I appreciate Marc’s leadership skills and ability. He is very intentional and thoughtful in his direction. He is available and willing to provide insightful guidance yet never overbearing. Marc has the ability to encourage people to discover and use their gifts and talents to not only bless others but enrich themselves while serving the Lord. He also possesses an unique ability to redirect and refocus people while providing honest feedback.”
About Marc

I’ve been known as a leader and a businessman my entire life. I was a financial planner and I worked for a mega church and created a program for refugees. 

I lived in China preparing leaders in international relations. 

I’ve been a professor of finance and a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserves. 

I’m known for my work with refugees, where I created a school that has taught English and cultural assimilation to over 2,000 people.
As a professor of finance, I’ve taught hundreds of students how to get out of debt, manage their money and invest.  

As a public speaker and teacher, I have written curriculum and have spoken to thousands of people inspiring them to dream big and move their lives towards their full potential. 

And as a Lieutenant Commander, I am a Chaplain that continues to work with warriors and civilians who are struggling from PTSD, domestic violence, depression, relational struggles, and suicidal ideation.



Leadership Coaching
As a leader you are faced with unique challenges and pressures to perform and get the results that are required of you. Your leadership requires character, competence, capability, and clear communication. As a leader you are constantly needing to grow in these areas in order to keep your competitive edge.

Our strategic coaching sessions are confidential and I’m committed to your personal growth and success. Together we will do strategic planning, brainstorming, identify obstacles, and create action steps that will create momentum, breakthroughs, and achieve the results you desire.

Online Courses


Overcoming Overwhelm Course
Sick of not making progress on your dreams?
...And ready to conquer EVERYTHING that stands in your way?
Isn’t it time to stop struggling to ACHIEVE your dreams? To push hard and get what you WANT? To follow your dreams and build a life you LOVE?


This step-by-step process for conquering every challenge, persevering when things get tough, and letting NOTHING stand in your way!

This powerful course contains 20 lessons that lead you on a step-by-step journey to breaking through EVERY challenge. A journey of finding your dreams, overcoming your fears, and building the life you love.

The Empowered Life

10 Tactical Steps To Achieving Your Life's Mission

There is a plan for your life and it’s bigger than anything you can imagine, but many of life’s events have distracted you from embracing your full potential and achieving your dream, and ultimately prevent you from experiencing a fulfilling life you were meant to have.

You were created for more and you know it. There’s more in you. More potential. More Love. More passion. More abilities. More to offer.

Don’t let anything hold you back, the time to break through those barriers is now. Now is the time to experience the abundant life you were meant to have.

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What People Are Saying:
My experience in the 90 Days To Success with business coach Marc Kitsko was a great experience, with effective strategies in place to grow my business and run it more efficiently. Also, group coaching is a great way to strengthen friendships along the way.
Marc Kitsko is a consummate professional, with a thorough knowledge of a variety of institutional settings. He brings to the role his deep expertise in thought leadership and understanding of communication trends. His ability to identify and isolate group dynamics of complex organizations is unparalleled as is his strategic counsel.

San Diego State University, Dean of College of Arts and Letters
One of the best business decisions I made was to enter a coaching relationship with Marc Kitsko. The issue I had is that life is out of balance. Running a business came before family and personal life. And even though things were going well at work, I wasn’t as effective as I could be. Marc has helped me to redirect back toward balance by investing more in things I needed to while being more intentional and focused so I could get more done at work. Marc’s ability to help me uncover the issues and make plans to move things forward is his strength. His direct yet respectful approach keeps me moving toward the goals we set. I know that anything and everything I tell him is kept in confidence. I know I will see even greater success in all areas of my life due to the coaching I receive from Marc.

Jim Long
What People Are Saying:
I first met Marc at an envisioning group session held at one of my company trainings. Little did I know that volunteering in the session would change my business success plan. Marc took me through some simple steps, along with identifying and writing out new goals, then putting them into action. Within the first 6 months, I have gone from my previous years gross income of $88,000 to so far over $200,000! I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to zero in on areas in my business through Marc, that have allowed growth & success in new ways.
Marc helped me bring clarity & order to my scattered thoughts, prioritize them and determine action steps to move forward. The actions steps provided focus and goals and Marc kept me accountable to those action steps.

I’m not finished yet but I don’t feel stuck anymore!
MARC KITSKO Is an incredibly intuitive and gifted Life Coach. His training, life experience and expert communication skills will guide you through the most challenging mine fields of your blocked life, career, or relationships. Marc walked me through one of the biggest transitions of my Life with laser focus and clarity. Shake off your old repetitive destructive habits and get on with your Life.
IF you really want to get UN- stuck and get ON with your LIFE, see Marc.
Having Marc Kitsko as my Coach was a spiritual journey that spoke to my soul. Coach Kitsko always had my best interests in mind and was truly caring. Coaching provided a safe place for me to talk about all issues, without judgment. Coaching profoundly impacted my life spiritually, my mind, my career, and my sanity. Thank you for inspiring me to live my life. I absolutely loved my journey.

Carolina Lanfair
Independent Contractor
Thanks Marc for helping me clarify my goals and developing a tangible action plan to make them a reality! Our time together brought the paradigm shift I’ve waited for all my life! I’d encourage everyone that is seeking clarity to their goals and/or dreams or a breakthrough in life to consider investing in themselves and joining one of Marc’s Mastermind Groups.

Jason Johnson